Fashion Store
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Viennese interior stylist Bettina Schuh has always had a love and connection with Bad Gastein. Her mom grew up here. Taking the entire family to Bad Gastein during lush warm summers and cozy winters. Strolling the beautiful Belle Époque cityscape of Bad Gastein. Fascinated by its history and future.

In 1931 Viennese haute couture fashion designer Fred Adlmüller opened up a fashion store right next to Bad Gastein’s famous waterfall on Straubinger Square. For decades the glamorous store would repesent the best in high-end classics and contemporary fashion, before in the 70s Wally Vogl successfully took over renaming it „Wally Moden“. 

When - in December 2016 - Wally Vogl was retiring, Bettina Schuh decided in a heartbeat to re-open the beautiful space, joining the small creative community of Bad Gastein aka Dreamers & Doers of Bad Gastein, who are shaping this fairytale town with new ideas, enthusiasm and pioneering spirit - little by little. But ever so determined.